Savoir-Faire Hair Salon
in Auburn, CA.

11332 Torrey Pines
Located in Lake of the Pines
Off HWY 49, between Auburn and Grass Valley

hair salon,lake of the pines,ca.
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Beautiful hair starts at...Savoir-Faire Hair Salon...inside Lake of the Pines
11332 Torrey Pines
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Wedding & Bridal
Beautiful hair color, cuts & style...
...start with a great salon & the best stylist.

Owner Nancy Lawrence is an...
"American Board Certified
Hair Color Specialist"

...and dedicated to delivering dynamic hair color,  cuts & style.

now through January 31st.

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Call and make your appointment today!

Salon Hours:
Tues.-Sat.  10.00a.m.-6:00p.m.
hair salon, lake of the pines,ca.
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Why is hair straight, wavy or curly? 

hair salon, lake of the pines,ca.
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hair salon, lake of the pines,ca.
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