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Evette A.  Auburn, CA.

     I just got married last month and spent over a year in the planning.  Everything went pretty smooth until,  on the morning of my wedding my stylist called and said she woke up with the flu.  I panicked!  She apologized profusely then recommended Nancy at Savoir-Faire Hair Salon.  I called and thank God Nancy was available.  She was so sweet and calming.  Not only was she available she even showed up early and helped my brothers set up.  I honestly can't stop looking at my wedding pictures.  I've never looked so beautiful.  I highly recommend Nancy at Savoir-Faire Hair Salon for every Bride.  I love her and I'm sure you will too!


Brenda F.   Lake of the Pines, CA.

     Just moved up from the Bay and found Savoir-Faire Hair Salon on the web.  Nancy is a miracle worker for sure!  I have a hair stylist nightmare hair.  It's long,  thick and extremely frizzy.  I finally love my hair.  Never had my hair thinned before and I'm so glad Nancy recommended that,  it feels so good.

     I would and do recommend Nancy to all my friends.  The salon is pretty and clean as well.  Thanks Nancy!

Andy R.   Auburn, CA.

     I have been going to Nancy for over 7 years now.  She is a great lady,  very talented and alot of fun.  I love the private salon,  I hate the fish-bowl feeling of other salons (maybe it's a guy thing.)  Always some good tunes on and a friendly chat while you get in and out with your new cut.

     I highly recommend Nancy and now my wife is going there (and you know how hard it is to get the ladies to switch their hair dressers.)

Carla P.   Alta Sierra, CA.

     I've been going to Nancy for years.  She's a great listener,  makes great suggestions,  she's funny,  friendly and a pure pleasure to be around.  Before I went to Nancy,  I had tried several salons and stylists and was just never really happy.  I will admit,  my hair is pretty basic short bob.  Nancy covers the gray and every so often I have her put in a few highlights.  It always looks and feels so good.  I just couldn't figure out why no one else could get it right.  Nancy's great natured personality and the shops nice atmosphere also make all the difference in the world.

     Nancy's just somebody you want to be around.  I recommend her whenever I get a chance.

Mary H.   Grass Valley, CA.

     I was blessed with a gift certificate for Savoir-Faire Hair salon from my daughters for my birthday.  Nancy did an amazing job.  She listened to me and did everything I asked for and more.  I left feeling so pretty and relaxed.  Really felt like I spent a couple hours with a good friend that I'd know for years.  Go to Nancy,  you won't be disappointed!

Dalia W.   Sacramento, CA.

     Nancy did my whole wedding party's hair (10 of us.)  She was top notch.  She's obviously experienced and just wonderful professionally and personally.  Highly,  highly recommend!

Bett C.  Lake of the Pines, CA.

     Nancy is an absolute expert at styling,  cutting and coloring hair.  I've been a client for over 8 years and always so happy with my hair.  Before going to Nancy,  I had the same hair style and hair stylist for 15 years.  With Nancy's expert advise and talent I've had four different styles since I've been going to her.  Each one has been fun and I've loved them all.  I give Nancy 5 gold stars and recommend her highly.

Sue W.  Lake of the Pines, CA.

     Savoir-faire hair salon is the place to go for all your hair needs and wants.  Nancy is such a hoot and a great stylist.  The shop is very warm, cozy, comphy and clean.  It feels kind of like a Tuscany feel to me.  I honestly never want to leave.  I always feel so relaxed and happy there. 

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